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2013 03-28

USSC Nike Swim Camps

Looking to perfect your stroke technique? Want to learn how to shave full seconds off your breaststroke? Sign up for a USSC Nike Swim Camp today! Founded in 1975, U.S. Sports Camps is the official operator of Nike Sports Camps throughout the nation and is devoted to shaping a lifelong enjoyment of athletics through high quality sports education and skill enhancement. Each year, USSC partners with the country’s best coaches and offers high level camps for an assortment of sports. The Nike Swim Camps are just one of the camps USSC offers. These camps are designed to help competitive swimmers improve their swimming techniques so they can compete at the next level. By immersing swimmers in the sport, the Nike Swim Camps provide extremely focused and intensive training essential to improvement. Camps are led by a motivated and energetic staff, whose sole mission is to stimulate your love for swimming in a positive and healthy environment. To elevate your experience at the Nike Swim Camps, we recommend campers come equipped with the latest Nike Swim gear, including our long lasting Nike Poly Core Solid Cut-Out Tank, Nike Poly Core Solid Jammer, Solid Silicone Cap, Hydrowave II Goggles, our Hydro Towel, and Team Backpack. For more information or to register for a camp, visit U.S. Sports Camp.