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2014 05-09

The Next Generation of Fast: The New NG-1

The next generation of fast has arrived. Welcome to the new age of technical suits for the elite athlete: the Nike NG-1 is a revolutionary racing suit, allowing full freedom of movement while simultaneously giving the swimmer the firm support they need and desire. Because of strategically patterned compressive panels, swimmers no longer have to sacrifice comfort and flexibility for compression, stability, or drag reduction. From top to bottom, the women’s suit will stay in place whether you swim the 50 or the 1500. By eliminating elastic from the straps, the straps are firm yet comfortable, and will not ride up during a race. Reinforcement tape along the higher neckline and arm openings prevents the suit from slipping, keeping you in and the water out. Whether you are standing on the blocks or standing on the podium, your Nike NG-1 will maintain its second-skin fit without chafing, bunching, or causing painful tension in the shoulders. Instead of seams along the outside of the leg which can restrict hip movement, the Nike NG-1 features body-adapted seam lines up the back of the leg and around the outer gluteal muscles: this creates a smoother fit through the hips, eliminating drag-generating wrinkles. The unique seam placement, combined with the extended privacy liner around the hips and glutes, lifts and compresses the body while supporting the swimmer’s kick. The compression in the legs is a gradient, ensuring that you have compression exactly where you need it and never where you don’t. The high-stretch recovery tape featured around the leg openings lays flat and keeps the suit comfortably in place. The men’s jammer sits slightly higher in the back, and the drawcord channel is placed slightly below the leading edge of the waistband. This reduces drag by eliminating vibration at the waist, and fabric tape along the leading edge ensures that no water will get in. Like in the women’s NG-1, the seams flow with the body from the back of the leg up and around the gluteal muscles, but have been designed specifically for the male frame. The liner of the men’s jammer is a different fabric than the liner of the women’s suit, chosen specifically to optimize the performance of the male swimmer. Men and women have different bodies, different strokes, and different needs. It is about time they were given different suits to meet these needs. You have done the work in practice. When it comes time to race, the Nike NG-1 will work for you: with your body, with the water, and against the competition. Watch the Nike NG-1 Elite Suit Video